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      How to Transfer an App to Another Developer Account?

      Apple has created a suitable program that allows app developers to transfer data and exchange applications between their different developer accounts.

      How to guide is to help you get started transferring applications to a new developer account:

      1) Login to http://www.itunesconnect.apple.com. View your contracts page to see if any new contracts or terms need to be re-accepted
      2) Next stage click on "Manage your Apps" to find a list of all of your mobile apps. Select the app you want to transfer over
      3) Once you have found your application, and have clicked on it's icon/logo, you will see a menu with 4 blue buttons on the right hand side of the page. Click on the Transfer App to start initiating your transfer request order.
      4) Please make sure all your available options on this next screen stage have a green checkmark. If not, you must go back to the point and correct the items that require your attention.
      5) Now that you've made it through to this stage, fill in the correct developer account information for the account you're sending your mobile app to.
      6) You will get a confirmation message from Apple when you hit the continue button,click on terms and conditions, and then request transfer option. Your mobile application will say "Pending App Transfer now". The recipient holder must accept the email sent by Apple as a request sent to them and go through the appropriate stages.

    • Information about Apple Developer Account Publishing mobile applications

      Apple Developer accounts offers both free and paid programs systems. Free programs also includes a basic Apple Developer account and the Safari Developer Program search engine, while paid up plans include the iOS Developer Program and the Apple Mac Developer Program. Paid memberships last for one year only, and membership is renewable at the same price as originally purchased at $99. Alternate versions of Apple programs targeted towards universities app education and enterprises are also now available.
      Some of the Benefits of Apple membership program

          Full Support from Apple engineers - Apple's Developer Program members are eligible to receive supported help such as technical app support and code support, directly from Apple IT engineers  products.
          Apple Developer reference Library - The Apple Developer reference library consists and provides the latest developer software news, technology release dates, and technical data updates. As well, it provides Apple- authorized technical documentation and a wide range of Software Development programs, tools, and sample codes.
          Access to prerealased software - Another fantastic feature of the Apple Developer Program is the ability to receive pre released software, most importantly updated versions of Apple's operating system, as well as other Apple digital software. Apple products and services are regularly updated whenever a new build occurs.
          Eligibility to attend the World Wide App Developers Conference - With an Apple Developer Account Program membership comes the eligibility to attend the WWDC, one of the premier Mac conferences ever held throughout the year. In the past, the WWDC has been the main venue for the introduction of latest Mac versions OS X v10.3, Apple Mac OS X v10.4 version, and Apple Mac OS X v10.5 vesion, as well as the introduction for the new Power Mac G5 - and its awesome successor, the Mac Pro version.
         Private Invitations to exclusive workshops - Apple Developers receive notifications to exclusive tech workshops, and digital conferences about the latest technologies available. Generally, the developers workshop is a demonstration of the latest Apple products and technology done by an Apple IT engineers.
          iPhone SDK - Apple Application Developers can download the latest iPhone SDK in order to develop applications targeting iOS devices. The iPhone SDK is available in all of Apple Developer accounts, including exclusive free memberships.
          Compatibility testing standards- The Apple Developer Program provides compatibility testing for new smartphone Applications. Apple compatibility testing, located in countries such as California, Tokyo and Beijing.There are three separate development labs which collectively have hundreds of Mac configurations systems with several different third party peripherals.
          Listing are on the App Store - Apple Developer Program membership, members are able to submit their mobile applications to the Mac or iOS App Store, where they can either publish their apps for free, or sell their product to end-users at a targeted price.

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    • How to Register a new Google developer account, we recommend not using your normal Google account to separate other Google services

      -This is your Android developer account where your Android apps will be uploaded and published for smartphones and tablet devices.

      -Apps will appear under “Your Company Brand” to your business clients

      -The cost to open a developers account is $25 with Google

      1.    To Register as an Android developer for Google click the link below


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      How do I set up an Apple Developer Account Today
      The process is extremely simple to do. Below is a step by step guide of how to register as a app developer and sign up for the Developer Program membership.

      Here is a direct link to the IOS Developer program mebership : http://developer.apple.com/programs/ios/

      iOS App Developer Guide
      To publish an iOS mobile App using our app platform, you have to first register as an Apple Developer dev center and then pay to join Apple's Developer Program $99 for 1 years membership. Joining the Developer Program permits you to publish mobile Apps to Apple's App Stores.
      Step 1 How to register with Apple developer program
      First go to: http://developer.apple.com/programs/ios then click "Enroll Now" on the left hand side of the screen.
      Step 2
      Click on "Continue" and sign in,or with an existing Apple ID, or simply create a new app developer account.
      Step 3
      Select the option to create new developers account under New Apple Developer and on the following screen choose to sign up as a individual user or business user.
      Step 4
      Complete the personal profile information requested by Apple. When completing this stage of Apple ID personal profile, please remember and save this information so that you will need to provide these information details to our company upon the successful completion sign up. Therefore its practical to not use a password that you use any where else.

      In the professional profile section choose iOS > Choose your primary market example > New > No other platforms then click"Continue".
      Step 5
      Check and click the box to agree to the terms Developer Agreement and click the "I Agree"button.
      Step 6
      An email verification will be sent to the signup email address with a code to verify your developers account.
      Step 7
      Once the code has been verified there will be a confirmation screen message. Following this information there will be a screen to setup billing information request.
      Step 8
      Select iOS Developer Program account then click "Continue"
      Step 9
      Review all the information requested then click the"Continue button"
      Step 10
      Confirm your purchase of one iOS Developer Program membership then proceed to the checkout.
      Step 11
      When signing up for different accounts you will have to login again with each new developers account to proceed.
      Step 12
      Complete the delivery information (this is digital but Apple still requires for tax reasons).
      Step 13
      Complete credit card details and billing information then click"Continue"
      Step 14
      On the following screen info confirm all information is corect then click on the "Place order now"
      Step 15
      For assistanced help please pass the email address and password used in this process directly to our company, so that we can correctly configure your developers account.

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