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    AffiliatesApps.com is a online app builder with a simple to use drag-and-drop Control Management System . Users log in to the online platform ,using the easy  Control panel drag the templates modules / content you want to have on your app and directly import API Keys from mailchimp etc add a text box, an image, a contact form, a affiliate website  (full business tools included ) publishing the app minutes later. What they view during the building phase can be viewed on the preview screen,so exactly what they receive as a finished product.

    How to Get Started with AffiliatesApps.com

    Register for a free account below and follow the instructions.

    Once we receive your details,we enter them into the system,we then send a password to your email address.
    You then log into the online app builder platform using your Email address as a user name and the password we have supplied.
    Choose a template to suit your business or simply choose custom app template,all of which can be edited for your custom build.

    Take your time and upload your pictures,add your website,your email capture,add your services,add extra buttons, EASY !

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    To create an app its FREE for Android devices
    To create an app for Iphones devices its only £39 a month

    With No set up fees from us ! What are you waiting for !

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    AffiliateSApps.com is a do-it-yourself iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5 online app platform that allows any one who loves mobile apps to create, edit and manage mobile apps and mobile websites for their clients.
  • To make this more simple for you to understand,apps are applications,these are shortcuts to a particularly program or website,creating a shortcut,a mobile app will allow your customers to download your app shortcut,onto their mobile devices.
    Once the app icon shortcut is pressed by someone,who has downloaded it to their smartphone device (iPhone or android)this will open up your shorcut,once opened the customer will be instantly connected to your website,your social media,your email offers,etc etc.all YOUR digital business,just with one simple click,every site you run or promote can be accessed by your customers quickly,no need to search for your business and lose out on higher ranked websites,when your website shortcut ( App ) is already downloaded onto customers handheld devices.


    The applications app,shortcut,what you create can include websites,blogs,affiliate URLs,twitter Facebook mail chimp,even a GPS sat nav to bring shoppers knocking on your door! everything as standard plus the business benefit of having direct communication with your customers easily,while they are at home,at work or even traveling,everywhere where they take their iPhone,i pad,android device.Sending out unlimited text messages via the mobile app,for FREE with links to your promotions,services etc.to millions of potential buyers around the world,with our easy to use content management system,and easy shortcut,app maker to create mobile apps within the hour, ready for The Google play store and Apple App Store.
    Our Analitics will help your business,discover the location of your visitors,by street,town city or country to finely tune your offers to the desired locations.
    Mobile applications,shortcuts are here to stay and mobile use is exploding,think fast think AffiliatesApps.com

  • When a business is considering the development of a mobile app, one thing your business must decide is whether the app will be web based (HTML5 ) or a native app (small square icon on a phone),here is the differences between these two options and to help you decide which one is best for your business.

    A web based app (HTML5 ) is an application or program for instance that you access through the browser on your smartphone or tablet. It is totally different from a native app in that you don't need to download it to your iPhone in order to use it. You simply access or connect to the website application.Think of it as going to a website to play a online game or watch a latest video; you don't actually download and install anything  onto your computer, but instead play the cool game or view the video online.When your website is not HTML5 optimized ,its a terrible experience for the end user,scrolling from side to side in all directions,and generally puts the customer off,which in return leaves your website and visits your competitors.

    A native app is an application or program that runs on a Android Phone a iPhone iPad or tablet device itself.  Native apps are downloaded and installed on the mobile device and accessed by pressing the app icon.
    Native apps are easily purchased through an online store,such as the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad users or the Google play store. Web Applications are purchased via subscription forms or some type of shopping store on a website where the app is hosted. Apps available available on the app store, this also means that if you are trying to sell your app with a paid download, the purchasing transaction is all taken care of by Apple and you don't need to worry about purchasing extra software or even working this functionality into your web site.
    The compatibility of your app to be used on all devices, such as Android products devices ( Google Play Store) and Apple Products ( App Store ) This all depends if your business wants more mobile presence for customers wanting your products,a native app will need to be developed for each store, where as since a web app is accessed through a browser, it can essentially be viewed and used on all devices,but with limited features.
    The user experience is much faster and richer with native apps and Native apps have the ability to utilize all of the information and carry out amazing functions and have more benefits for your business,creating higher return on investment (ROI). To see all the extra benefits and features a native app can perform,please visit our more features page.

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    AffiliatesApps.com  offers an huge extensive business selection of professionally designed mobile app templates that are fully customizable and can be instantly updated quickly and easily,you can modify the layout of the mobile app with fonts, colors, images, backgrounds images, and buttons styles. There are templates to help you create the perfect mobile application with style and elegance. Your mobile app is made up of different elements, all of which is completely customizable, allowing you to add content, images, pdf files,links, multimedia ,push notifications etc as you wish.Make a beautiful professional mobile app with AffiliatesApps.com free mobile online app builder today. Customize your app design and publish your mobile website without having any coding experience or programming knowledge,whether you need a personal app, or one for your business,
    We have the perfect app template design for you. Just simply choose a template,the one you like and get started today ! find the right promotions and services that your business should understand yourself with so that your business can grow VIRALLY.

    AffiliatesApps.com is a UK based mobile application development company is a online app builder We deliver professional mobile app development for Apple iOS,Android devices and mobile SEO Services .We are a very experienced mobile app development service  Mobile application development is the process by which mobile app software is developed for low-powered handheld device such as a smartphone or tablet.Benefits of Business Use of Mobile Apps,in which iPhone for business apps can increase business revenue.

    Gain Repeat Customers
    Mobile Business Benefits for the brands. The continued presence of the app on the mobile devices for your customers, allows your brands to be visible at all times 24/7.
    increasing mobile web traffic,to your products,creating huge repeat sales and sales leads for your company on the go.
    Your Mobile Customers Do Not Have to “Wait” for Information to Load Through the Internet, mobile apps are without doubt the fastest digital speed available.
    A mobile phone application can be a major success to a shrewd business owner, as it is an excellent and yet powerful means of directly raising awareness about the company,essential for success in today’s business world.
    App Developer tutorials video's are available to watch and read within our app portal and other resources for learning how to create mobile apps
    . Our iPhone application programming services revolve around the cornerstones of powerful efficiency, reliability, speed and technical competency with visual user experience.Designing and developing the latest iPhone / iOS and Android mobile apps.Apps for corporate business and individuals.
    Mobile Apps For Musicians for instance - Listening to Music is one of the relaxing activities for mobile music lovers for users today!
    Like most people, musicians are always on their mobile device, that's why musical artists create music apps and to promote their songs With the smartphone era” came a great tool for musicians: the mobile application tool, for creating apps and playing music on a pocket size instrument called an app.Creating Event apps for music gigs and concerts are ideal for promoters to send mobile visitors to the event or show,whilst cross selling products and services.
    Adding all the relevant links within the music app directed to the itune store from within the event app and also sending mobile music with push notifications links to fans.
    Creating mobile optimization applications on our app platform  for the Google play store and Apple store creates a free PR1 backlink to boost your website business.Pr1 mobile backlink is a term that refers to PAGE 1 With this linking into your website or blog,your mobile business gets ranked high on the search engines,the more applications you create on our app platform the higher you get ranked and all linked to the same website will boost your website to the number one position.
    With more apps created on our app website platform,changing the logo and keywords slightly,you can dominate the Google play stores and apple app stores instantly.So for instance there was 10 apps which was similar to your business,and you owned 6 say,you would have a huge mobile presence and dominance over your competitors.
    Thats 60% of the total world and mobile app market of your particularly products or service. 
    our app pricing allows you to create mobile apps quickly and adding more email captures for your sales staff to generate more mobile sales to your business.
    Try our app platform for your mobile SEO & Create a stunning mobile app for FREE invent your apps with app ideas mobile SEO for you website to gain traffic as it's a clever way for organic traffic with instant results.
    Join today and make your app IDEA spring to life with amazing app invention you have created.Try it for FREE !This is only available on our mobile app platform for a limited time.
    Email us with a mobile app name up to 12 letters and we will email you back within 48 hours with a Password for you to log in and create a mobile app on our client log in page.
    or alternatively let us design and develop within our app development team, a stunning application for your business, at mobile trade pricing.
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    The only digital business with  conference software  agenda with engaging and practical social features and robust powerful business analytics. Available on all iOS, Android devices and with business HTML5 (mobile web) optimized software. We Deliver the power and performance your business really needs.

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    Build Alliances on the #1 Social Media platforms such as facebook twitter etc
    Unlock the power of mobile marketing and grow your fan page organically and gain more sales using
     Our mobile app software tools,which actually helps your business grow your viral audience. There are too many software tools out there that automatically increase your fan pages,these are called bots !What is the sense in that ! As bots dont produce sales,its a pointless exercise.

    Our mobile marketing service actually gets you the audience and the sales,that you really want and need, to keep your business growing. Check it out!give it a go.! Keep on the lookout for our new products and promotions.

    Thanks again for coming to our app developers website and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you exceed in business and grow using our Mobile Marketing Services!

  • We will design and develop a powerful mobile app for Google Android Smartrphones and Apple IOS Devices iPhones iPads All HTML5 Ready

    From £695 Each

  • Mobile App affiliate marketing is selling products on a commission basis. You own a website business that
    advertises and sells products or services for other companies. You may have a product or service of your own to begin
    with or not. The tools that a successful mobile app affiliate marketer must have are:
    1. Your mobile app is the jumping off point of all your mobile marketing efforts. So the instance any
    successful affiliates mobile marketing business is building a good quality user friendly and professional looking
    mobile app. You must build a user-friendly app, which will attract your customers and motivate
    them to click on the affiliate links to the products and services you are advertising and make a purchase.
    We are in the business of building mobile apps as app developers that you can hire to build one for you or you can use our app platform to build an app on our platform free of charge.
    2. You must find products to sell, you must be able to understand whether there is a demand or niche for
    those products /services and if mobile uses will actually buy them. You may either have your own amazing
    product or products that are made by others. Which ever way you decide, you must believe in the
    products or services and the passion to promote as a business.
    3. It will be necessary for you to become an successful mobile advertiser and be able to tell whether the
    links you are advertising is producing more income for you than the advertising is costing you.
    4. It is necessary that you have good creative skills. You will need to be able to track your
    sales and determine your profit each month, as well as, see to it that your affiliate products are paid in full and on time from your source. You
    need to be focused and have the full and unwavering support of your staff / business partner so that you can devote the time and energy
    necessary to launch your mobile affiliate marketing business.
    Mobile Affiliate Marketer Defined
    According to The World’s Glossary of Mobile App Internet Terms, “Mobile App Affiliate Marketer" Mobile Marketing is defined as: “A digital business
    relationship with a main merchant or other service provider who allows you to link back to that particular  business.
    When a customer downloads your app and  clicks on the link at your mobile app and subsequently makes a purchase from the merchant,
    you receive a huge commission, based on the total amount of the sale, a referral fee / revenue share or a pay-for-click fee.”
    This is a lucrative simple and straight-forward agreement between a merchant and you as a affiliate. Budding mobile affiliates
    marketers run into a problem when they try to reverse the overall success process.( reinvent the wheel ) Instead of starting at the
    beginning and understanding app development they try to start at the end.
    Making lots of money is the end of the process. The beginning of the app development is education and there are
    several steps in between. Too many bloggers,website owners, who are just getting started in affiliate mobile marketing, fail to
    take action and are behind developing a mobile application these steps are necessary to get to the end of the process and actually make money.Build your mobile app today for free,simply email us at Sales@AffiliatesApps.com with a app name up to 12 letters and a conformation email will be sent with your password to log into the client portal.
    Step #1: Educate yourself on types of smartphones,such as android Devices or iPhones, iPads  etc. This is the key, opening the door of opportunity. It's also the main digital link
     connecting successful affiliate mobile marketers. Education lays the foundation - the building blocks to success.
    Make It Happen Today Join NOW                                                      


  • We are a do-it-yourself App Developers Platform / Website For The Development Of Native Apple Mac ios Devices iphone, ipad, HTML5 Software Platform To Develop In addition to Google Android Applications Our Software Platform That Allows Almost Any Organization To Create ,Manage  & Generate, Edit, In addition To Deal With Cellular Phone Apps.Tablet Devices,Mobile Applications On The web Without Any Coding Programming Know-How.

     ( You Can Build Apps Basically On This Website )

    Branded Your Way 

  • Create a POWERFUL complete solution to enable your business to explode with new clients and create a mobile marketing strategy for your affiliate business for less than the price of a newspaper advertisement in your country. Couldn't be easier! What's your "Poker Ace" in Business.Gaining the edge in Digital Business, attracting new business bringing home the buck's.

    Example:Sports Betting made very easy on the go, wherever you are! Without using a laptop or desktop, whether your customers wager on create casinos apps,Binary Options apps, Forex Trading apps,Sports Betting apps.

    How much have you been estimated from other developers $30000 plus - Taxes ! Check our pricing guide and save - with our easy to use stunning  platform you can make 30 mobile applications for the same money and we have a fantastic platform with more powerful features -  WOW imagine having all those cool applications on Apple Store or Google store.


    Using AffiliatesApps.com superior software designed for affiliates AND small businesses  here you can build a powerful sleek application HTML5 ready mobile website to suit your customers needs, stay in touch with your clients and fans with simple push notifications, send all your customers a message on their device just with a simple "click" explaining latest "link" offers etc. Add inforgraphics to enhance its apperance,so many creative features you can display and add on your new marketing tool its just simple Business on the go without employing more sales staff.

    Saving your company money on expensive Business cards or other promotional marketing costs. Why waste money ? When you can build a custom style app that lasts forever ! 

     All Our POWERFUL Extras Comes As Standard With Full  Unlimited Control Management System Amazing Native App Developers Platform For The Business That Needs Supreme POWER Elegance And Style.
    Other App Development Companies Will Charge Your Business For This Service Get Your App Marketing Machine To Generate Extreme Sales And Powerful Link Building To Your Business .Affiliates Apps
    Will Guarantee Your Mobile  App Will Be On The App Stores Successfully If You Choose Us To Deliver Your Business Application. Contact Us Now For Your App Quotation Sales@AffiliatesApps.com


    App Developers -

    Mobile Websites SEO Developers   - Search Engine Optimization specialists with creative thinking- Ping Service - Business Information and a directory knowledge - Logo Designers - Inforgraphics - ALL DIGITAL SERVICES CATERED FOR Free thinkers who think out of the box 

    We Also Have Services To Dramaticaly Improve Your Sales With Our World Leading Business Digital Solution .Based In Chicago To Help Your Business Train To Be A Success  Email Us Now !

    Website submission service adding your Business to search engines -Traffic Management to gain more clients - Video production ideal to boost your rankings and creating brand awareness- Mobile Keyword ReSEARCHERS - Important Mobile KEYWORDS for the App stores ITunes and Google Android  stores - Back link service ( we can get you 1 million backlinks) from our Germany Team - Fresh Unique content providers,meaning its not been used before by ANYONE ! for EXTREME search engine results - please ask for any other Digital service your business may require including Offline Marketing and Gorilla marketing Very Unique and Very POWERFUL - We will be happy to help and blow your competitors away in style !

    Using AffiliatesApps.com latest mobile advanced software formed and updated in the USA  Mobile applications directed to your website will boost your website presence with search engines exporsure instantly creating higher rankings and more visits worldwide ,without paying for expensive SEO marketing solutions.Saving you time and money and above all generating more sales from new and existing customers.

    Creating an app with AffiliatesApps.com mobile advanced software will give your website company a professional look and feel, gaining trust as a major player in your mobile business industry.

    Software designed in the USA by Affiliates Apps custom dedicated design specialist team ,with over 70 employees with Ex Military backgrounds .Our software geeks ensure top quality mobile app software performance is state of the art with technology running smoothly bug free unlike cheaper variations.

    AffiliatesApps.com is making mobile apps affordable and simple for any business BIG or small. We're a do-it-yourself Cell phone app platform to create stunning iPhone, iPad, HTML5, and Android applications our platform allows any affiliate business to simultaneously create powerful marketing solutions you can edit, and manage mobile apps online with our platform without any programming know how needed marketing your affiliate links to full potential.

    And remember an App isn't taxable because its classed as marketing material ! Kerching 

  • Here at AffiliatesApps.com using our sophisticated portal your business can make stunning apps and mobile websites for the latest smart phone devices ready for your customers cell phones all for the Google android play stores and the Apple Mac store easily. 

    You can make a fantastic app within a few hours through a drag-and-drop platform , full of business-minded features like shopping carts, loyalty programs, in-app purchases and many more features ,take the tour and read all the features and extra features available to build your next marketing tool reaching out to your customers and new customers from anywhere in the world.If you can see it online you can add it to your app just add the URL link when building your powerful mobile app.

    We have affiliate programs for you to join to make instant revenue and they are all free to join and the best news is that we have our own affiliate program just email us and we can work together with excellent support,so you can get a huge discount on your own app mobile website  and promote us to receive EXTRA revenue.This system is very easy to do  if you can't see a affiliate program what you want just ask and we can make sure you get the finest and most profitable deals just for you.

    You don't even need a website for a affiliate app just a creative mind but if you do need a domain name to get you started just email us and we will do the research as we love to help our clients.

    Adding a affiliate program to your app promoting your business other peoples business will dramatically increase your turnover as some affiliate programs will pay YOU 60% or more promoting their products at No cost what so ever to your digital marketing campaign.

    Send out your app developers URL page links from Google or Apple Store  on social networking sites to boost all of your apps and make money FAST !

    Need a demo app,check out our demo samples or contact us today to see what your business looks like on Android Smartphones or Apple Mac iPhone ,more people are using tablets iPad's iPhone's and android devices than ever before don't let your business get left behind in this digital world of marketing excelence build yours today!

  • What is Affiliate Marketing read it here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affiliate_marketing

    Mobile Apps What are they read more http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_apps

    How to build MOBILE apps with AffiliatesApps.com
    Making apps for cell phone devices as a mobile app developer is an interesting and fun job that can be done by anybody. App developers are relying on their creative skills to bring the most fun and exciting apps any smartphone device or any owner can use. The most sucessful apps will prove to extremely very useful,in any bodies day to day life, and you can learn how build apps by yourself with a little help from our full support system and related videos.
    Our fantastic app developers platform software is without doubt the finest in the digital market period and using our mobile app platform software you can add app development as another service to your business,these days app developers can charge other companies $30000 adding value to your business as well as extra revenue.We cater for small businesses and HUGE businesses its the software thats fantastic.Try it today and become your own instant marketing company You build them for your business and other clients. Our prices are very affordable at trade prices
    Allowing app developers to make a tidy profit,if you dont someone else will !
    Once you understand how the apps are made, things will suddenly become much easier and you will be smiling all the way to the bank You can add anything you want to an app,using or adding any URL to it more appealing. Some of these features are direct URL’s, which are ideal for website owners or affiliate programs, digital marketing agencies ,dissplaying latest news stories for bloggers, gamers, music promoters,you can send UNLIMITED push notifications and check the analytics to see what countries your app traffic comes from, to target your sales and products more effectively.
    However, if you are a beginner dont worry its very simple, you will need some tips. Thats why we have a full support system in place and we are only a email away or if you prefer phone us,we really care about our new customers and want you to have pleasure working with us.Successful apps are built by mobile app developers using our software with keeping a few things in mind. First of all, the app should be functional and easy to use. Second, it must have a clean interface. Mobile users need the app to work in any situation a lagging mobile app can only be frustrating as hell. Make sure the app you are making is content is useful and straight to the point. While more extra features are always very useful, don't overload your mobile app with hard to comprehend, difficult to use things people are different and not all have your knowledge Include information about your app preview is great for users who want to know what the application is all about before downloading it or purchasing it.
    After you decided who the mobile app is targeted towards either business use or just for fun adult only apps or apps aimed at children or simply anyone choose one of the fields available on our platform when you login . Out of the many options, pick one and stick to it. The next step is naming your app this has to be up to 12 letters Choose an easy to remember and catchy name and email us  Sales@Affiliatesapps.com Keep in mind that creating a stunning mobile app is all about being veryoriginal. If the client website already has too many restaurant apps, build something completely different be creative as the person who downloads the app has a brain span of about 1.7 seconds on average to decide.This will make you pop outand stand out in the rest have high quality interesting pictures and information You can also choose whatever you want included in your mobile app straight from any website. Choose from the vast amount from our platform one or more incredible icons for your app, this making it easily recognizable for the niche it's addressed to.
    See our Video Information its great to get extra tips
    Then, it's time to add orginal content to your new mobile app. Fill in the required information fields such as the phone number and address of the location. You can also include a GPS map that will help people locate your business place without needing directions, fantastic if you dont have a website. Edit the stunning pictures you plan to use with a program such as Photoshop or search the internet for a free version. You can add any remove whatever you want, in order to make the image picture fit into the demo screen within the platform. Remember to always press save any modification you make to avoid losing all your creative work.
    People will use your smart mobile app on their cell phones iPhones iPads etc or Android devices, so make sure it's compatible with all of these operating systems. If you want, you can add more features by selecting images related to its content: a restaurant app will be improved with a high quality picture taken at the location or use stock pictures. 
    As you can understand, building apps comes alot easier when you have the knowledge and what you have to do. Keep things unique creative &  value for money and you may just make your mobile app one of the best ones on the market.
    We at AffiliatesApps.com are here to help and support you and build your next digital mobile marketing mission to let your company explode with new customers around the world from their cell phone .its just the most fun and rewarding way to double your profits.
    Start building your new electronic DIGITAL mobile business machine.

  • www.PRchecker.info

    PRchecker.info - A free tool to check the page rank of any web site easily, without the need to install Google toolbar. This tool also allows you to display the page rank value of your web site right on your web pages.

  • Google News

    Google has announced plans to build a new undersea cable called FASTER in partnership with five Asia-based telecom companies.The US and Asia will soon be connected by a trans-Pacific cable network that will carry data at a staggeringg 60 terabits per second.in partnership with five Asia-based telecom companies.Google is about to get a little more capacity to satisfy its ever-increasing hunger for bandwidth.In little more than a decade, Google has conquered the technology industry and become one of the world's most powerful companies The 7,800km Asia internet-cable Express (ASE) connects Japan together with Malaysia and Singapore and many other internet users around Asia.