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  • AlburyRacing
    ABSO SoccerWorld


    As you can imagine,we are very busy producing digital business solutions for mobile marketing ,we have a vast amount of sample apps for any business to view for ideas when developing applications on our web based platform,including sports clubs apps,horseracing apps,football apps a FULL list and growing daily,the app list is amazing and includes every business sector from accountants to zoo keepers.We encourage you to join our app platform and develope your own mobile application,witha simple drag and drop platform you can make mobile business applications without any coding or app programing knowledge ,its easy to produce stunning mobile apps on our platform,create amazing effects by adding mobile landing pages to your app,add content such as lastest news and information,create your mobile marketing to even greater customer experience,by adding the GPS Saterlite Navigation System App function tab so customers can find your business whist browsing your app on the go.

    Your business will buy products,that you sell on to the consumer ..Correct ? Now not only can you sell those products face to face,but you can add those products as a affiliate and not only are you trading your goods in your local area you are selling them WORLDWIDE .

    The serious business owner will be making money faster and smarter with mobile applications and marketing their products via mobile solutions rather than using typical web site traffic.

    Using our business app platform your business website can have rocket fuel attached for greater end user experience and aquire massive sales overnight.

    TRY IT !  While Its FREE !

    Here are some of our Latest apps below. Please ignore the (a) and just type in the app code.


    AcctSol  pcandc   chasingjane   Banking/Loans   grains1  theattic1  mdrnhcts   tomekas  Homer9
    llha subgirl sgid arguard FLSBA  asfb201402ArtWalk  cheerdanceexpress  pcandc (a)
    chasingjane  Banking/Loans  grains theattic1 (a)  mdrnhcts  tomekas  NLBSalon  sipjuicebar
    BergerHouseBoats  inkwoodbooks  laceys  claireg22  ennovation (a)  Cafejolie  campinginontario
    downtoearth  sgcr (a)  ISCW  sc12 (a)  WWLC  kidsalliance (a)  Sydneycitychiro  stsc  staystuck1
    saintkateri  moscowapp  kitl  TALISMANMOVERS  ArkaLounge  ntc123
    alanmfg (a)
    nbg1 (a)
    LizS (a)
    tffd (a)
    myinter (a)
    vipec (a)
    wabys (a)
    spip (a)
    . 0000098
    popkoffs (a)
    stadiums (a)
    ehomes (a)
    garudaplaza (a)
    peachwave (a)
    sgid (a)
    zsiska (a)
    climatewarrior (a)
    jellybeanspc (a)
    absoluteL (a)
    seoh (a)
    westr (a)
    pharma (a)
    ropc (a)
    berafc (a)
    joemelendrez (a)
    bistronolah (a)
    ethelr (a)
    brandaig (a)
    gcfb1 (a)
    dhoom (a)
    oder (a)
    campbella (a)
    dosc1 (a)
    global4s (a)
    eep1 (a)
    hellagrip (a)
    FengShui1 (a)
    aztecaca (a)
    bigballs1 (a)
    514ink (a)
    vetdubai (a)
    esperance (a)

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    AffiliatesApps.Com BUSINESS APP DEMO

    SAMPLES TO VIEW via Code 

    Business App samples of what customers can develop on our app platform and design ,for more custom apps please contact our design team Sales@AffiliatesApps.com

    Athough every step is taken to update the demo app system ,some mobile app demo's may have been removed or in the process of updates from our development team /  some links may have been removed.

    TO VIEW THEM USE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW  and enter the app code no password required


    Developer Samplea    PREVIEW App Codes (insert name)                          


    Accounting/Taxes  Business  App Demo Samples  AcctSol    clearandlane    goodridge                   
    Air Conditioning/Heating Business  App Demo Samples   Homer9    BHAP    sas1      pruettac    Werley           
    Apartment Buildings Business  App Demo Samples     llha                      
    Apparel/Clothing    Business  App Demo Samples subgirl    Juneei    larue      LT009DB    agphillips1      Bleue    truworthszw      589664125
    Architecture/Interior Design Business  App Demo Samples     sgid    96d                    
    Army/National Guard    Business  App Demo Samples arguard    WSArmy    ksguard    MSArmy          
    Associations (Non-Business)Business  App Demo Samples     FLSBA    FAHP    FOBA    KICA    MKMA    AFC1       
    Art/Film Business  App Demo Samples     asfb201402ArtWalk    PBJFF                       
    Athletic Classes/Camps Business  App Demo Samples     cheerdanceexpress    ngac    aztecaca    australasian    68965412           
    Author/Book    Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Automotive Repair/Detailing Business  App Demo Samples     pcandc      autot      gross      genesas    purrfectautolv    autotekapp    PreferredAutoCare    autodoctor

    Band/Musical Artist Business  App Demo Samples     chasingjane    bigbluenorth    TEMPOFREEMUSIC    Alimkamara    TheFrocks    JoelAnsett    TorshaLynn    FFR1 
    Banking/Loans    Banking/Loans  Business  App Demo Samples     BankAmerica     thehomeloanarranger    SeekHome    re101    ultrahome         
    Bakery    Business  App Demo Samples grains1    marthas                         
    Bar Business  App Demo Samples     theattic1      marysbar    BA00167    Woodysbar    BesBar    rileyd         
    Barber Shop Business  App Demo Samples     mdrnhcts    peoplesbarber      BBS123    Oskars               
    Beauty Salon/Spa Business  App Demo Samples     tomekas    CEDARHURSTSPA    agsalon    Wicked    krem    BA00166    vani      bnw2014
    Bed & Breakfast/Inn    Business  App Demo Samples NLBSalon    BA00177    BA00245    BA00250     BA00282           
    Beverage/Water Company Business  App Demo Samples     sipjuicebar    fattuesday    malamiah                   
    Boating    BergerHouseBoats    Business  App Demo Samples                    
    Bookstore/Library Business  App Demo Samples      inkwoodbooks                           
    Bowling Alley    Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Boxing Gym Business  App Demo Samples     laceys    titleboxingdn    BA00151b                   
    Business Association/Society Business  App Demo Samples claireg22    startupgrind      MiamiRealestate    falaevent    FSAE    lastatebar    BCHBA    FSAE
    Business Solutions/Resources    Business  App Demo Samples ennovation     

    Cafe/Coffee Shop    Business  App Demo Samples Cafejolie     caf123    caffevicino    concafe    beagle    cafehaus    ganalaventa    grains1
    Camping/Campground     Business  App Demo Samples  campinginontario    downtoearth                       
    Candy/Chocolate Business  App Demo Samples     downtoearth                           
    Car Dealership/Rentals     Business  App Demo Samples  sgcr      sgrental      richardhonda    jimcook                 
    Car Wash  Business  App Demo Samples     ISCW    Oasiscar    5corners    7HillsWash    duckys01           
    Casino    Business  App Demo Samples                             
    Catering Business  App Demo Samples     sc12      YEHC                         
    Chamber of Commerce Business  App Demo Samples     WWLC    sol101                       
    Charity/Nonprofit Business  App Demo Samples     kidsalliance      rslm      tfkid                     
    Chat/Social Connect Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Chiropractic    Sydneycitychiro    familylifechiro    fcsurrey      lwajdmoore               
    Child Care/Nurseries    Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Children's Camp/Classes Business  App Demo Samples      stsc    poserkidsyoga    tricks1                     
    Children's Clothing/Shops      Business  App Demo Samples     staystuck1                           
    Church/Temple Business  App Demo Samples     saintkateri    redeemernw    francisdracut    richmonddiocese    baysc      CeresSDA    wolm      firstb 
    Circus    moscowapp                           
    City Guide/Directory Business  App Demo Samples     kitl    vipcp      shopeed                   
    Cleaning/Moving Service Business  App Demo Samples     TALISMANMOVERS    sgcc      absoluteso      absoluteC      sglaundry      HMS1         
    Clinic/Medical Office Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Club    ArkaLounge    flexclubbar    movida    envyl      kongsa             
    College/University    ntc123    lemoyne    colincc    sdcc      oul123    carsonapp       
    Computers/Electronics     Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Conference/Event    Business  App Demo Samples jpacapac                           
    Construction/Industrial Business  App Demo Samples     alanmfg      countryb      aucomhiregawler    KoolatSafety               
    Consulting/Training Business  App Demo Samples     nbg1      aainc      mobidazefmcl26613    pfcn               
    Contest/Competition    Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Convenience Store    sprintmart                           
    Country/Health Club Business  App Demo Samples     TheMacPortland                           
    Coupons/Local Deals Business  App Demo Samples     AppcardRewards    COUPONAPP    cubit                     
    Craft Supply Store    LizS                             
    Courier/Delivery Service  Business  App Demo Samples      tffd                             
    Cruise Line             

    Dance Academy/Studio     Business  App Demo Samples  AAOD    pda    Michacademy    elitedanceac      shiamak1             
    Deli/Sandwich Shop  Business  App Demo Samples     lilnicksdeli                           
    Dentist    Business  App Demo Samples  spillersortho    ndlab      vilafortuny      extrasmi                 
    Distillery    Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Distributor (Alcohol & Food)    Business  App Demo Samples                            
    DJ    Business  App Demo Samples                              
    Doctor/Medical Business  App Demo Samples     myinter                             
    Driving School    Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Dry Cleaning Business  App Demo Samples     magicc    HomeDry         

    E-Cigarette      Business  App Demo Samples   vipec      vapeloungellc                       
    Education    Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Educational Institute Business  App Demo Samples     PickawayRossCTC                           
    Elderly/Senior Care & Services Business  App Demo Samples     wabys      angelstfy      amramp    peldc      agwtn             
    Elementary/Middle School    Business  App Demo Samples milesfranklinps    SECPS    beachlandsps                     
    Engineering Business  App Demo Samples     spip                             
    Entertainment Company/Agency Business  App Demo Samples     rXtreme                           
    Event Center/Venue Business  App Demo Samples     CNTRPCGAA    pcc1                         
    Event Promotion/Social Business  App Demo Samples     Viptickets   

    Farmers Market Business  App Demo Samples     efm    cfmarket                         
    Fashion/Style    Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Federation Business  App Demo Samples     jewfed                           
    Festival     Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Financial Solutions    Business  App Demo Samples totmtd                           
    Fitness Business  App Demo Samples     CLUBCOOP    tbb      edgepsy      takeoffperformance                 
    Florist Business  App Demo Samples     . 0000098                           
    Food Product Business  App Demo Samples     popkoffs                             
    Food Truck     Business  App Demo Samples  JTruck    senorsisig                         
    Foundation     Business  App Demo Samples pdg1021                           
    Fraternity/Sorority Business  App Demo Samples     kutheta                           
    Funeral Home/Mortuary Business  App Demo Samples     bf123                           
    Furniture/Home Goods Business  App Demo Samples     TraegerMiC    luxaflexbv      

    Gardening/Landscaping Business  App Demo Samples     davisltd    CYG                       
    Gentleman's Club    Business  App Demo Samples centersf    goldclubsf                       
    Golf Business  App Demo Samples     AnstyGC    WhiteHGC    Prestwichgc    OswestryGC    belvedereG    citrushills    yogi0414    GolfWells
    Go-Kart Racing     Business  App Demo Samples                            
    Governmental Groups    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Grocery Store/Delivery     Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Guide/Directory Business  App Demo Samples     stadiums                            
    Gun Shop/Shooting Range    Business  App Demo Samples  NGRE                          
    Gym Business  App Demo Samples     CSITrain    bodysoulfitness    live1    ClubFoothill    GymIt          

    Hair & Makeup Services Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Hair Salon    stormhair    nhu    CHEVEUXSALON    mygreensalon    fioriosalon    allura    fulinhairshop    hairmachine
    Health Food Shop/Company Business  App Demo Samples     kerala1                          
    Health & Wellness Business  App Demo Samples     cbbr                          
    High School Business  App Demo Samples     portervsHMA    ChilesHS    trhs    mullen2    goldeneagles    dmchs      
    Home Improvement    ehomes      flrng      mrpainter                    
    Hotel Business  App Demo Samples     garudaplaza   

    Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Business  App Demo Samples     peachwave      BA00169                      
    Insurance Business  App Demo Samples     PHH    donbowen    shc123    vitesse1      feltner            
    Interior Design     Business  App Demo Samples sgid      

    Jeweler/Jewelry Company Business  App Demo Samples     zsiska      drapers   

    Karate/Martial Arts    Business  App Demo Samples climatewarrior      firstdojo      fightfit                    
    Kids Play Place Business  App Demo Samples     jellybeanspc             

    Laser/Waxing/Skin Care Business  App Demo Samples  Clinic    foxyBox                          
    Laundry Service Business  App Demo Samples     absoluteL                            
    Law Firm Business  App Demo Samples     kullaw    njdivorce    Giro    darrigodiaz                
    Law Enforcement Business  App Demo Samples     MaStatePolice                          
    Life Coach    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Liquor Store Business  App Demo Samples          

    Magazine Business  App Demo Samples     AW20131112    Back2Basics                      
    Magician    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Mall Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Marijuana Dispensary/Supply Business  App Demo Samples     EncantoDisp    CostPlusHydro                      
    Marketing    Business  App Demo Samples seoh                            
    Massage Therapy    Business  App Demo Samples massageco    massageserv                        
    MMA Gym     Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Medical/Dental Associations Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Modular Homes, Business  App Demo Samples Home Dealer                              
    Mortgage Company Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Motorsports Business  App Demo Samples     FtMyersHD    bluegrasshd                      
    Museum Business  App Demo Samples                                
    Music Studio    Business  App Demo Samples     

    Nail Salon    Business  App Demo Samples SasasNailCare                          
    Networking Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Newspaper    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Nutrition/Weight Loss Business  App Demo Samples Jatoba    lasw         

    Optometry    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Organic/Gourmet Food Business  App Demo Samples     olive                          
    Orthodontics Office Business  App Demo Samples     

    Paintball Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Park Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Pawn Shop    Business  App Demo Samples westr      ppisf                        
    Performing Arts Business  App Demo Samples     footlights                          
    Pest Control Business  App Demo Samples     AAAAssassin                          
    Pet Care/Grooming    pdga                          
    Pet Store/Supply Business  App Demo Samples     poudrefeed                          
    Pharmacy Business  App Demo Samples     pharma      cp123                      
    Photography Business  App Demo Samples     RebekahJane    samschuetzphotogra    smherrick    PCPB      israelOS            
    Physical Therapy Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Pilates/Yoga Studio Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Plastic Surgeon  Business  App Demo Samples     ropc      BSC1                        
    Plumbing Business  App Demo Samples     theplumberperth                          
    Politician/Political Business  App Demo Samples     berafc      peterjl      Walker4NC    chrismcdaniel    ellynbogdanoff            
    Preschool    Business  App Demo Samples tylt    little1                        
    Preview App Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Printing Company    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Private Airline    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Properties (Non-Residential)    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Publisher/Publishing House    Business  App Demo Samples    

    Radio Business  App Demo Samples     wsradio    pirateradioapp    ChristianP    rpnetwork    AviationRadio    RedneckRadio    WDIH2    bigbodyradio
    Real Estate    Business  App Demo Samples cchapp    DarleneMartinez    lt011pc    josephgoh    erealty    CreaghFerndinands    mmadie      PG12
    Recreation/Outdoors Business  App Demo Samples     riverrunners                          
    Recruiters    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Rehab Center    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Religious Leader/Organization Business  App Demo Samples     joemelendrez      girlfriendspray    imws                  
    Resort/Destination    . 0000118 (remove period) Business  App Demo Samples     bhead    vintages                  
    Restaurant Business  App Demo Samples     bistronolah      cbnbz      SCheese      BLUDUBY1              
    Restaurant: American/BBQ    ethelr      jeffersons1                        
    Restaurant: Asian (General)    huongxuaapp    soonta      BA00146                  
    Restaurant: Chinese    wokf                          
    Restaurant: Indian    royaltiger1                          
    Restaurant: Italian    brandaig      Cafebello    cafecucina                  
    Restaurant: Mediterranean    nadimsr    theolivebranch                      
    Restaurant: Mexican    LaMina    CJrestaurant      tortillamarissas    TequilasBar    limeapp    A0005    MEZCAL  
    Restaurant: Pizza Place    azzurriCafe    7InchSqPizza    tdpc      fedeleapp    maditalianapp    neshpizza      tpcf  
    Restaurant: Seafood/Sushi    GIANNIS    SushiQ    shuckstavern    storykc1      osaka    oceansandale      
    Restaurant: Steakhouse    bentleybar1                          
    Restaurant/Bar & Grill    PADONIA    BILLBATEMANS    kiwipub    SONOMAS    dambarandgrill    lagerheads    downtownrookies    roosters1
    Restaurant/Breakfast Spot    dunknmunch                          
    Restaurant/Brewery    gcfb1                            
    Restaurant/Diner    avdc                          
    Restaurant/Lounge    dhoom      LunaLounge    pureparsippany    Vue    narasd    BA00173    dhoom    mezzowindsor
    Restaurant Guide    DineGF    RestaurantPlease                      
    Retail (Misc.)Business  App Demo Samples     oder                            
    Retirement Home/Services     Business  App Demo Samples campbella                            
    Rock Climbing  Business  App Demo Samples Gym    macrockclimbing    LeedsWall                      
    RV    Caravan Motor home     Business  App Demo Samples       

    Safety/Safety Training    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Sailing Club Business  App Demo Samples     dosc1                            
    Screen/General Printing Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Security Company Business  App Demo Samples     global4s      sgcctv                        
    Self Storage Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Seminar/Workshop Business  App Demo Samples     eep1                            
    Shopping Mall    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Shoes    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Skate Shop     Business  App Demo Samples hellagrip                            
    Smoke Shop/Hookah Business  App Demo Samples     vapespotvdo    visalia      KindCreations    HighTechVape    Vape757          
    Software Business  App Demo Samples     surveysquare                          
    Solar Energy Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Spa    tft1    bnh1      TFN    iwona      obagimedispa            
    Spiritual Business  App Demo Samples     FengShui1                            
    Sporting Events/Tournaments    Business  App Demo Samples ecmudrun                          
    Sports Academy/Training Business  App Demo Samples     aztecaca      DBS1                        
    Sports Bar    Business  App Demo Samples safarbar    mim269    cancuns    BoneShakers              
    Sports Supply Store    Oceanicscuba    MistralSUP    bats                    
    Sports Team/League Business  App Demo Samples     bigballs1      PDANewJersey    dyws                  
    Studio    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Swim Club/Swim School    Business  App Demo Samples   


    Tanning Salon    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Tattoo Parlor Business  App Demo Samples     514ink                            
    Taxi/Limo Service    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Technology Business  App Demo Samples                               
    Theater Business  App Demo Samples                                   
    Traffic Business  App Demo Samples  Sc                          
    Tourismhool Business  App Demo Samples     improv                          
    Travel Service    Business  App Demo Samples UNIQUETRAVEL    Peterpans    atlast                  
    Tutor    Business  App Demo Samples   

    Valet Services    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Veterinarian Business  App Demo Samples     vetdubai  

    Water Damage/Restoration     Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Weddings    Business  App Demo Samples                           
    Wine Bar Business  App Demo Samples     SPROUTSBISTRO    notes                      
    Wine & Spirits Business  App Demo Samples  Market    esperance                            
    Winery/Vineyard Business  App Demo Samples     BarrWinery    SHVW      helena    

    Yacht Business  App Demo Samples     yachtworld        

    Zoo/Animal Sanctuary Business  App Demo Samples            

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