• These days, you don’t have to look far to find someone using his or her mobile app to conduct business. With mobile technology allowing for use of the World Wide Web at the touch of a fingertip, it makes perfect sense that businesses today would take full advantage of the mobile app market. With Google Play and the Apple App stores being the leader in application markets, businesses today spend big money to hire app developers to write code and create an mobile app solution for them. Because mobile applications allow for quick and easy shopping and simultaneous access to your company information, they are an economical and wise strategic move for your business, whether your business is sales, marketing, advertising, or education or events any business can use our platform to make mobile apps.

    At AffiliatesApp.com, we have taken the painstaking and laborious task of creating an mobile app out of the equation for you. Using our innovative fully featured powerfull platform, your business can build an mobile app using the latest software without having or needing any knowledge about programming skills. We do all the work and you reap the benefits of having a 21st century tool that you can use in whatever way best suits your business.  

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    There are numerous paths you possibly can take to produce money with mobile marketing for affiliate, plus it really depends upon your price range. If you could have money to waste then by using pay-per-click advertising including adwords that is driving traffic to your affiliate pages may stand out as the best option for you personally. There are many posts written on pay-per-click and how to use it to ensure so you'll want to read those for more information be our guest,but an app lasts forever a advertisement doesn't its another on going expense.  

    Niche selection is important as an mobile marketer. Be sure you do the keyword exploration and be sure your market has quite a few buyers in it searching for a solution to a problem. Once you could have picked out your target audience the next task is to make a content related to your mobile app and the particular niche you might be in. Use our platform / web site platform
    Make sure your mobile app is centered on quality with unique articles as this is the most significant factor figuring out its long lasting success. Selecting the most appropriate kinds of products or services to advertise can also make a big difference. You ought to pick products which can be of the most effective quality you could find.
    You can as the mobile app affiliate marketer.Don't flood your mobile app with advertising and marketing as this may turn away many visitors and they'll simply hit the remove button or go to another app. Remember that the ultimate goal of your mobile app is to have loyal repeat visitors. This is why adding top quality content that is original and relevant is important as well as adding new links at least once a week is important as a way to give your loyal site visitors something new on every visit.

    Try not to underestimate the mindsets of the repeat site visitors. These site visitors can matter for 90 percent of all your mobile marketing income as they are the ones more than likely to invest in you.Search engine optimization is actually another significant topic you must learn if you would like be capable of generate more traffic. However keyword research is vital to get to the first few views on the Apple store and Google store.
    If you want to drive additional traffic to your site then this best way to approach this may well be using blogs for advertising and marketing. What you want to do is write articles once a week or so on something related to the main topics of your mobile app.

  • Tips to get your mobile app approved with Apple !
    Getting your Mobile Apps approved by Apple can be difficult as a new developer sometimes,but we have some helpful tips to getting your mobile app approved  for making sure you have the best chance at getting your mobile App approved the first time round.

     Make sure to use the correct tabs in your mobile app that use iPhone native functionality. Tabs that use native functionality are as follows and include: Email Photo tab, Messages tab (push notifications), the Home tab first page & Contact tab feature, QR Coupon feature tab, GPS Coupon feature tab, Fan Wall feature tab & the Flexible Counter feature tab.
       Mobile Apps cannot be solely used for your marketing , meaning the app cannot simply list all your business services or things your company has done,otherwise it will be dull and boring and not exciting enough for the end user "Your Customers"You must allow a useful function to the app.
        Apple Loves information with "dynamic content" in mobile apps. This means that there is a significant reason for end users to look at the mobile App,not just once but multiple times after they download it. Ask yourself this, "WOULD YOU PURCHASE  IT ? Or Would YOU Download it for free? Will someone find the app attractive enough and need to open this App up more than just once?" Ask yourself this, WHY ? ask your members of staff who use mobile phone apps for constructive feedback and they will also promote your app more, Apple will reject the mobile app if its of poor quality. There are countless ways to add much more dynamic content to your app, just be exciting and creative with your content Think AWESOME !
        Your Mobile App absolutely cannot have any broken links so make sure you check every link twice, blank sections pages or tabs that say something typical like "coming very soon" will not be ACCEPTABLE  and will not cut the grade with Apple, Just one single broken link or blank tab page will lead to a rejection by Apple standards.
        You cannot mention either copyrighted Apple products or any other mobile platforms (Android, BlackBerry, etc) within you App or it will be rejected by Apple immediately.but don't worry ! As their are always ways to be creative,
        Create multiple useful tabs that look good and work. We highly recommend creating an mobile App with at least 6-10 tabs /pages. Apps with only a few tabs such as (3-5) will have a very difficult time being approved by apple.
    If you are worried your app won't be approved for various reasons or simply need help getting it up to speed, please contact us.Sales@AffiliatesApps.com or read the articles in our support center,found in the portal when you log in,as they is a full support system there to help you from start to finish.
    Simple Guidelines when building and developing mobile apps.
    The Main goal of our App Build Service is to get your mobile iOS apps approved. We'll only create mobile apps that will be approved by apple's strict standards.
    If you would like us to create a mobile app for your business,with your website,its better to have a front-end website for our design team to copy your images and stylize . We'll also need any top quality images you want to use,and other relevant data,tell us what you want !
    Our App Build Service is heavily focused on graphics & aesthetic. Content and text can be edited after the app is released to you.
    App build requests we will not approve:
        Any app development build request that falls under the strict "no-go" industries with Apple or Google please see their terms and conditions
        Websites or blogs that lack high-quality images and dynamic content (although they may be accepted with Google play store )
        E-commerce web base sites that require full content population
        Mobile Apps in a language other than English (Special request for another language is required and may take longer to process and develop although every effort is made) contact us now on developing your mobile application Sales@AffiliatesApps.com